Sunday, October 4, 2009

Design your belt - step one

My first tutorial, and first post on my blog:) It s a nice new experience. I hope my explanations will make sense.
You will need:
scissors (sharp, please)
leather (you can recycle some leather jacket or bag)
glue for leather
tape (optionally)
Now, start with some sketches: design your belt, you can use simple shapes like squares, circles, or flowers, animals, whatever you like. Decide on how many of them do you want. Once you' re happy with the result, make one paper strap the size of your future belt and try on. Mine will go around the hips and it s going to be 56 inches long (1.50 m) (!) along with the parts that hang down. (later I altered for the A line skirt so it goes round the waist, up to your preference)
Draw your pattern pieces on a paper in their real size, cut them and pin around your paper belt. Now you can calculate the length of your straps, or strap - if you have one piece of leather long enough that' s fine. Write down those measures, and count how many of them do you need. Now, cut paper pieces for each type and write a number: how many of those you need, and get ready for the next step...

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