Thursday, October 15, 2009

bathing cap

One more easy peasy project. I liked this animal printed fabric, wondered what could it be used for. I made 2 caps and one rectagular piece - to cover desk for my sewing machine. It s very slippery so I can easily clean from threads and pieces. Adding tutorial sooon...(I need to grab some daylight to make better photos)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

top for the heat

I love this blouse, so fluffy. Made without any pattern, edges doesn t fray, those fabrics are great for experimetning. I remember it was awfully hot that night I couldn t sleep, so I just took my scissors and started to cut:) If you would like to make something of a sort, you can watch this video on you tube, this is sort of tutorial how to do something similar.

burda competition - A line skirt

We chose one of the last beautiful hot days to make these photos for the Burda sewing contests. These photos were taken by Aleksandra Misic, a girl that wishes to become a professional photographer so this was a good opportunity for her to experiment. I m not really much of a model, I d be happier to find someone else to pose, but at the moment I just couldn t find anyone that would be the same measurments like me. So, we started..

autumn on a Serbian mountain

It seems that we skipped one season and from summer jumped immediately into winter. Still I love autumn colors..Here s one photo I m really proud of: made last November

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

simple summer dress

One of the first dresses I made. I loved it. I made it without any pattern just drawing the shape of my body on the fabric. It s sort of jersey so I didn t use any zipper.


I made this swimsuit this summer, it was very easy to make. Panties are made using the pattern from panties I already had, and I just created the top as I went. Fabric is great, very comfy, some cotton jersey.

snake leather

I had two pieces of leather for a long time, finally i used them in this bag. I hope it turned out fine, it s a strange mixture of very shiny snake skin leather and mat linen. This is one of my first bag patterns, I was actually very excited about the result.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

new bag

I m really happy how my new bag turned out. The old jacket my mom bought at the flee market appeared to provide leather for at least four bags! How lovely:) I gave myself some time to make patterns because I wished my bags had unique personal touch. Here' s one:)

Design your belt - step one

My first tutorial, and first post on my blog:) It s a nice new experience. I hope my explanations will make sense.
You will need:
scissors (sharp, please)
leather (you can recycle some leather jacket or bag)
glue for leather
tape (optionally)
Now, start with some sketches: design your belt, you can use simple shapes like squares, circles, or flowers, animals, whatever you like. Decide on how many of them do you want. Once you' re happy with the result, make one paper strap the size of your future belt and try on. Mine will go around the hips and it s going to be 56 inches long (1.50 m) (!) along with the parts that hang down. (later I altered for the A line skirt so it goes round the waist, up to your preference)
Draw your pattern pieces on a paper in their real size, cut them and pin around your paper belt. Now you can calculate the length of your straps, or strap - if you have one piece of leather long enough that' s fine. Write down those measures, and count how many of them do you need. Now, cut paper pieces for each type and write a number: how many of those you need, and get ready for the next step...

Design your belt - step two

Trace your pattern pieces, mark and cut out.

Design your belt - step three

Check if your pieces are the same size. You will need one pair of each piece pattern. In my case that would be four because my belt will be symmetrical. Hope it s clear.

Design your belt - four

One way you can trace your pattern is put tape and provide your piece wouldn t move. After you cut you can easily remove the tape.

Design your belt - step five

Once you have all your pieces and straps cut, put the glue on the wrong sides. Don t put too much, be paritculary careful not to squeeze a lot close to the edges. You don't want your glue to be visible.

Design your belt - step six

Now, glue each strap with it s pair (wrong sides together) and place on one side of the pattern piece, then put the other part.

Design your belt - finish

Well, at this stage you ll know how your belt is going to look like so you can start admiring it:)) Howerver, it s right time to correct little mistakes, trim the excess of leather (if any) and press the belt with some heavy books if necessary. Let the glue dry. Voila!